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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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information on why he was missing in the first place and the circumstances surrounding them finding him, we'll let you know. >> calvin: and take a look at this scene in miami. a truck par shallow swallowed by an apparent sinkhole and water flooding the streets at the intersection of 71st street and northeast 1st court obviously an area to avoid right now. we have crews on the ground and inhe air headed that way. >> laurie: and we are more breaking news concerning a big traffic mess on the turnpike in southwest miami-dade. here's traffic reporter jenise fernande >> jenise: if you can believe it we now have three scents on the turnpike. let's go ahead and show you some video here. this is sky 10 video. this is the surin turnpike heading south around southwest 152nd street, and take a look there, just a huge backup. he ever we're starting to see the delays at southwest eighth street. this is an area you want to avoid. let's shoho you our maps. turnpike heading south at southwest 152nd street with
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hour. then another accident on the turnpike southbound right around bird road with a left lane blocked here. as we zoom on out u can get a better idea of how far these delays extended. it looks like they're starting from southwest eighth street and they're going to last for what looks like mine nine miles. on the accident on the turnpike north around northwest sky 106th street. there is a left shoulder blocked with speeds clocking in at 17 miles per hour. >> laurie: jenise, thank you. also at 5:00 a bomb is recovering after being attacked and mauled while walking her little dog. the chihuahua he she was walking was killed by the strays who also attacked her. >> calvin: and sadly her husband suffered a heart attack when he found out about this story. local10's andrew perez is live for us. >> carlos: the one thing you really need to under this elderly couple, they adored this chihuahua, affectionately named gucci, so much so they're not even focused on their conditions
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right now t t search is on to figure out where theseaggressive dogs came from. >> there's a hole in my heart. and if he would have died from something else, but mauled like that to death. >> carlos: on the a heartbreaking situation but an a row has said she is thankful her elderly mother is still alive. she has 100 stitches after being attacked by two dogs this morning. the 82-year-old was walking gucci. >ut of thin air. nobody saw them, approached by mom and the the dog and just attacked brutal web both of them. >> carlos: to make mears worse the woman's husband who is 89 years oh ran out when he heard. several neighbors had already gotten involved. he checked on his wife, then grabbed their beloved dog hoe was already dying. his heart was broken then. >> when they told him the dog had died, he just cuddled the dog, ran all the way back to the
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crying, crying, crying until i guess he had the heart attack. >> carlos: her father was t ten to the hospital while animal control located the two dogog both are under quarantine. row has wants to 0 has wants to know who they belong to. row has showed us that the dogs were microchipped. animal control believe they're american pit bull mix peaches the mother is recovering in the hospital. her father remains in the hospital. you're going to hear from ighbors who ran in to save that elderly woman at 6:00. >> calvin: serious surveillance video from a super stop convenience store in north miami when a hooded thieve goes in there assaulting the clerk and demanding money. our local10's derek shore is live now with more. derek. >> derek: and, calvin, police believe this guy may have struck actually twice just this week. the first time on monday at this super stop right behind me. let's get you to the video. take a look at it. it happened around 11:30 p.m. on
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you can see the subject with a blue sweater and blue jeans covering his face with a red piece of fabric. north miamipd say he impride he had a gun and yelled at the clerk to give over the money or he would die. the clerk complied. police believe the suspect fitting a similar description may have been the same man who caught a clerk by surprise around 4:15 this morning at a 7-eleven just next door here, and this suspect with a red fabric piece on his face, he apparently showed a gun in his waistband and brought the clerk to the back and got cash. we spoke to the clerk at this first super stop. he he said was terrified. >> i was scared, you know, something happens a and. [ indiscern i will be ] >> derek: you can see how close
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the seven eleven next to the super stop, that robbery happening this morning, the super stop on monday. the the suspect described as a light of skinned teen somewhere when 16 and 18 years old, 6 feet and he was wearing at one point a sweatshirt that said "supply" across the front. if you have any information call north miami police. we are in north miami. derek shore, local10 news. >> laurie: two people were hospital i'd today after a suv went is that correct into a fort lauderdale business. this was the scene on northwest 4th of a after that suv crashed into a vintage furniture store. police say a car rear end they' suv sending it into the bilked take a look at this surveillance video from a nearby business. you can see that suv speeding out of control into the building is both drivers from treated for minor injuries. no one was hurt. >> calvin: what a big change in the proxy of manatees. the u.s. fish and wildlife services recommending they no longer be considered endangered our local10's shyann malone is live now to explain. >> shyann: the change is in the
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instead of being classified as an endangeredy species they will be down listed to threatened. manatees look these guys have been on the endangered species list for nearly five decade, something wildlife officials are pushing to change in 2016. >> we think that it would be appropriate to class pie the animals as threatened now and no longer classify them as endangered. >> shyann: state supervisor larry williams from the u.s. fish and wildlife servi explains the feces is progressing at a rapid i -- is the species is in mow longer in danger becoming extinct. >> now we have more than 6,000 manatees in the state of florida, and that's a big improvement from 20 years ago when we had about 1500, so the population has recovered a lot over the past two decades. >> it really is a success story. >> shyann: curator robert rose
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there's still work ahead. the key here is even though today is such a success, reel do need to make sure we keep our eyes on the ball and not lose focus of this. we can't say it's all over and they're going to be fine. >> we're trying to be very clear about as we propose this reclassification, we are not proposing to change their protections at all. >> sann: one of the first questions i had after talk to wife experts, if they were doing so well upped this endangered labeling, very change in classification. i'll tell you what they say coming up on local10 at 6:00. reporting live from the miami seaquarium, shyann malone. >> laurie: a man found guilty of murdering three women n nrlrl30 years ago is scheduled to be executed tononht barring a last-minute reprieve. 53-year-old oscar ray bowl un will be executed at florida ste prison in raiford. he was sentenced to death bor ee murder of 26-year-old teller
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post office in pasco county. she was also sentenced to death for killing 17-year-old stephanie collins. >> calvin: powerball fever is spreading after no one hit last night's winning numbers. >> laurie: so we still have chance, right? ray itty bitty chance. no one hit those numbers now it's even bigger. $700 million and counting. let's get to todd tongen. he is our lottery guy, our powerball guy these days. a lot of mania going on. >> todd: do you know how many times this billboard has rolled over? i've been you the outed here five or six times in the last two days, laurie and calvin. stay with me. it's such hundred million dollars but the bulk piet, the one tomb woul be over $425 million. i crunched the numbers and i think, if there's a single winner and it was me, i would be able to buy local10 from warren buffett. wednesday night as the powerball jackpot rolled over for the 18th time and powerball fever is the gripping the nation as
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since yesterday morning the powerball jackpot has gone from $450 million to $500 million then hitting $675 million and this afternoon another bump tow $700 million. even though it is already the largest jackpot in u.s. history, lottery officials say it will likely go high. >> it's being sold at such a rapid rate, people are talking to it maybe getting $1 billion. >> todd: you may want to hang onto that ticket. there may not have been a ticket but over $6.5 million was won so you're going to want to get your ticket checked, and it's not easy on the website. it's been crashing throughout the night and all day today, people trying to check their numbers to see. they were a winner. unfortunately, i wasn't. but historically powerball has been good to florideans. since joining in 2009, florida has the most winners at all levels than any other state. there are a whopping 206 florida powerball millionaires here,
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but loiter officials say they aren't the only winners. >> it has contributedover $40 million to florida education. >> this single powerball. >> this single powerball, yes. since florida lottery joined in 2009 powerball sales of e gender more than $1.3 million for florida education. >> todd: coming up at 6:00, we saw something that was pretty interesting, a woman buying a bunch of powerball tickets and a man behind her that didn't have cash to buy a ticket. he was disappointed. she paid it forward. we've got that for you coming up at 6:00. but laurie and calvin, $425 million, i'm going to buy local10. cough it up. two bucks each come mony or you're working for me. >> calvin: oh, no. we hope you don't win. thanks a lot, todd. >> laurie: we'll let you and warren battle that one out. remember there's only one place to watch your dreams happen. it's saturday's durango right here on local10 during the 11:00 p.m. news.
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the index was down 400 pnts as fears grow about the health of china's economy and low oil prices. the dioniossusu down 3 thank you. the nasdaq below the 5,000 mark and s&p 500 down 700 points. >> laurie: we do have exclusive new information about a bso deputy charged with manslaughter in a deadly shooting. find out why the victim's family said the autopsy proves the deputy isn't telling the truth. >> calvin: and too much salt gets a bad rap but not if you're bathing in it. we'll explain the benefits of the salt solution coming up in today's health cast. >> laurie: first, we're seeing video of the moment a earthquake
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wednesday.tt2wat^(@%4 bt@q9op tt2wat^(@%4 "a@q)c4 tt2wat^(@%4 bm@q"h8 tt4wat^(@%4 " dztq l
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because with at&t, it's whatever works for you. >> laurie: we're now seeing video of an earthquake that struck the los angeles area on wednesday. look at this. you can see the available camera shaking and workers scrambling for safety at this produce packing facility mere the town of banning in palm springs. the 4.2 magnitude quake didn't cause much damage but shook a lot of nerves. and caught on camera this nine-year-old boy hit and dragged by a teachers aide. the video shows it happening during school hours, and now
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but it's not clear what the charges going to be against the 26-year-old. the boy end ma-time said this all happened fast. >> -- >> i pulled her hair and put a bow in my neck. and then she slapped me. >> laurie: the boys a grandmother said he has had issues at school but he is a special needs child who requires special attention. >> calvin: so is this how we're going to be getting around in the near future? a chinese company has developed a prototype of a drone that can carry people, not just cameras here. the company debuted the prototype at the computer electronics show this week in las vegas. the company says it can take a single passenger to a pre-programmed destinati and goes engineers say once the destination is entered, the passenger only has to push buttons to take off and land. the e hang claims the drones bee reach heights of more than 11,000 feet and speeds of 62 miles an hour.
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stage. beats rush hour. take a look at this amazing picture of the sky over part of asia. oh, wow. astronaut scott kelly tweeted thishoto while on the international space station, and when you see on the left is air pollution, smog. well, that is exists in the sky across large parts of asia. at least one research up grew estimates err video air pollution is killing an average of 4,000 people a day in china. >> laurie: if you're going to fly around in drones we've got to get rid of all the the smog. >> calvin: at least in beijing. >> laurie: we'll be the jetsons soon, and on a day look this wouldn't folks love to fly ound and look at everything. >> betty: our visibility is phenomenal right now. we did start the day with some of those lower clouds but now, key west, we can see way outover those waters, and we like e ery minute of this from key west to miami. just a beautiful night we're getting into. dry skies all around.
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73 in kendall. miami 75. so it's just right for eating dinner and then maybe heading out for a little stroll around the neighborhood. this is the kind of weather i know a lot of you want to see and want to k kp around, and on the short-term we will between now and 7:00 a few clouds. 9:00 tonight mainly dry. we'll go for 71 degrees by that hour in miami. doppler radar, big hush on it in so many of your neighborhoods, not a lot of rainfall to talk about, reaeay none to talk about out there. we are watching a few features, though, on the satellite and radar imagery. this area of low pressure next to a trop low controversial low off the southeast coast that'll be something to watch as it move out over the atlantic waters into early next week. the national hurricane center keeping tabs on that. it's going to have a near pass with bermuda at some point but not a concern for us. i' more focused on this 15 of, this little disturbance moving across the gulf waters.
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low pressure system, that gets closer to us tomorrow and it will bring as you slightly better chance for showers, and ahead of it we're going to notice our temperatures warming up, too. we started this morning in the lower 60s in a lot of your neighborhoods, won't be quite that cool tomorrow morning but a comfortable start for friday before we warm up during the afternoon. tracking the potential for a few passing showers on friday. and then onn saturday we're warm. becoming more humid.then the chance for showers on saturday, too,'s we start to set our sights on the next cold front they'll eventually head across florida. between now and the passage of the next front warmer. that's going to be our theme. tomorrow morning 66 in miami. then a around 80 degrees. sun, clouds, won't rule out a passing shower. even on saturday won't rule out a passingh shower into early sunday as well as we get finally the next front to come through, drag down drier air and knock our temperatures back.
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we'll have more cool air on the way by nextonday. lower 60s around miami, maybe upper 50s inland and tuesday more than cool and comfortable, too, highs in the low the mid-70s. so we're going to have more bouts of the cooler weather. calvin. >> calvin: so perfect today. >> laurie: just gorgeous. >> calvin: it really was. >> laurie: we're back in the groove. >> calvin: a woman is rushed to the hospital after a savage attack on the streets. she was walking a chihuahua when they were attacked by a wild pack of stray dogs. we'll have another live report coming up at 6:00. >> laurie: but 1st at 5:30 we'll show you how wounded veterans are taking on another challenge riding through the streets of florida. >> will: a dolins legend and member of the 1972 perfect team is speaking out about the team's coaching search. we'll let you know who he is
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this mess, next. >> will: we're going to keep talking about him. the florida panthers the hottest thinking on ice, ten straight wins, the longest in the nhl and the longes in franchise history. but will their first trip north of the border school off those scorching hot cats? panthers visit ottawa followed by edmondton on monday calgary on wednesday. it's a six game trip that will be very rough. the coach said they're focusing on continuing to play good hockey. >> it feels really good after this win, i think we're playing great and that's all that matters right now. i mean, we are not looking at at a streak. we're looking at how we're playing and i think we're doing really good and playing mores team right now and we've just got to keep doing it. >> will: meanwhile, the miami
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of their own out west. starts tomorrow night in phoenix. the knicks snapped their three-game wing shot, finished just two of 17 from long range. chris bosh did have 28 in the loss. he's been o fire. and miami remains in first place in the division. >> i mean, if guys don't know what's about to happen, we're about to get a crash course, s s i think it's great for the team, it's going to bring us closer, and you we've got to hit the ground running. >> will: dolphins' legend larry zonk a says tom coughlin should to be new coach of dolphins. he resigned from the giants this week. he is 69 years old. csonka set of p that an experienced coach like conklin could put a winner on the field much faster than an unproven young person. how about a shocking move made by the bucs late last
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they fired coach loaf smith, the bucks revealing they fired him over the phone at his request. ownership requested a meeting but he said he'd rather do it over the phone. god for loaf. denver broncos announced that peyton manning will start their playoff game next weekend. the hobbled future hall-of-famer came on the field as brock os weiler struggled if his start. and check out this wild play of the nets. he stumbles and throws it up. just like calvin in the channel 10 games. throw it up and don't look. you've done that. throw it up. don't look. >> calvin: throw you the up and hit the back of the backboard. hey, tom cough lunne. that would be nice. >> will: i'm i'm a fan of coughlin and i think he did a great job. it's the dynamic. do you want an older coach and a
5:22 pm
looking for someone who can be here eight, ten years? >> laurie: the coach may be surrounded by a lot of young assistants. >> will manso: there's a formula that could work. >> calvin: still to come today, a teenager arrested after a an argument on the school bus turned violent. >> laurie: let's get to victor and janine with that and more stories. >> victor: a 16-year-old girl on house arrest after hoe was arrested jed after police say she stabbed another student during a fight. we'll have a live report straight ahead at 5:30. >> janine: we are hearing the frantic calls from help from other drivers who narrowly avoid being hit in a deadly hit on i-95. >> victor: all new at sic we have the autopsy report after the shooting death of jermaine mcbean by a broward sheriffs deputy.
5:23 pm
news at at 5:30 right after this. >> victor: we continue following breaking news right now. there's a truck stuck in a sinkhole. >> janine: traffic reporter jenise fernandez has the latest on thip developing story. >> jenise: let's go ahead and take you to that video so you can see what we're talking about.
5:24 pm
the area of northeast 4th export northeast 71st street. now, here's what we know right now. a commercial truck drove over this manhole and that's what caused to it get stuck, and right now crews are working to get that truck out of there. it looks like water is getting on the streets, so this could be using problem. again this is in the area northeast 4th court and northeast 71st street. we do see crews working get that truck out of there. peel bring you details when we get it. >> janine: also at 5:30 we're morninger e. learning more about what led police to make an arrest in the murder have a rabbi in north miami beach. rabbi rabbi rack cin was shot and killed. >> victor: but police didn't make an arrest until this past epp december. local10's liane morejon has re. >> liane: in these hours of interrogation tapes we hear from
5:25 pm
for the very first time. in these tapes you'll hear admissions including who he was with that day and the fact he's held a gun before but what you don't hear ip any admission he was involved natt in the rabbi's murder months before he was arrested to murder 15-year-old deandre charles was questioned by police. >> how much did you know about the murder on that date? >> zero. in videos now released by the state attorney's office charlesp insists he had nothing to do with murder of rabbi joseph rack cin. the rabbi was in town in offing 2014 when he was gunned down in northeast miami-dade. he was on his way to temple when he became the victim off botched hold-up. rack sin was shot and killed. investigators say charles was 15 and was the person -- was 14 and was the person who pulled the trigger. >> first you told you never handled guns but that's not true.
5:26 pm
i said -- i said -- i said i hold guns but -- >> you hold guns. what does hold guns mean? >> like i hold a gun before. >iane: charles' family maintains he had an alibi for the date of murder. charles tells defect he doesn't remember what hapned that day. rabbi racksin as family wants charles prostituted cute. alalws. >> liane: charles maintains he's innocent. charles a for example s. being held without bond. he was pled not guilty in his case. another hearing is scheduled for january 13th. live in production control, liane morejon. >> victor: more to come. now to a hazmat scare in oakland park after reports of a gas leak. where crews worked to contain the ruptured gas line. nearby residents were order today evacuate ca firefighters and hazmat crews asssssed the situation.
5:27 pm
capped, the evacuation lift and no injuries reported. >> janine: we are hearing the 911 calls from a deadly on i-95. five people in killed in that crash last w week. >> speakerg: you hear drivers see this careaga the wrong way and are terrified of what might happen. it is incredibly hard to hear some of these calls knowing that five people lost their life. >> i was driving on the -- >> which way is he going? >> ben: a chilling 911 call alerting police that a driver was headed the wrong way down i-95. >> ben: 23-year-old alexanderler was in a truck going southbound in the northbound express lanes. moments layer she sideswiped one car, hit head-on into another. >> we had a vehicle going
5:28 pm
we have a head-on clugs. >> ben: five people were killed including lef willer and a family of four on their way home from the airport. 30-year-oldgiancarlo miguel gil died along with his mother and sister and mother-in-law. drivers am scraybled. three other drivers involved did survive the crash. we counted 50 phone calls fm drivers warning police. at this point it is not clear how this driver got into the wrong lane. officers say that part is still under investigation. in the video port, ben kennedy, local10 news. >> victor: also at 5:30 sky 10 above the scene of a stabbing in lauderhill yesterday. police say a 16-year-old girl stabbed a teege boy after a fight on the school bus. today we're hearing from the
5:29 pm
let's get to terrell forney. he is live with more. >> terrell: certainly a lot of emotions running through the mind of this concerned mother. she is back here at the hospital. she says that her 16-year-old son is in stable condition and thankfully suffering from to a non-life-threatening stab wound. meanwhile, she's still trying to figure out what led up to this violent fight. a soft-spoken stephanie lexi appeared before a juvenile court judge as prosecutors laid out the crime that landed the 16-year-old in custody with a charge of aggravated beater with a castlewood deadly weapon. >> the incident hapned after school on wednesday following an argument on a school bus. cops say several students stepped off of the bus in lauderhill and that's when things turned physical. sky 10 as high over the scene after police were called. lexi is accused of using the fife to stab a 16-year-old male
5:30 pm
the victim's mother who does not want her facehown would they're be at piper high picking up her son. instead she's now by his bedside at the hospital. >> i g g to go. i got to go to my son. >> this is clearly an isolated incident. this young girl has never been in trouble. she goes to school. she has the support of family and parents. we'll look into defending her and look at all of the evidence and put it into proper context, and hopefully when it's in the proper context justice will prevail. >> terrell: so again that 16-year-old boy is expected to be okay. meanwhile, stephanie lexi is being held in a juvenile detention center at least for the next few days but the judge did allow her to leaf that facility to remain on house arrest but she willing monitored boy a gps monitoring device at least for the next few weeks. live in fort lauderdale, i'm terrell forney. >> janine: police are searching for thieves caught on camera breaking into cars in lauderdale dale by the sea.
5:31 pm
in had a hooood sweatshirt and pants approaching a car mashed in a driveway. that man check to see if the car sun locked and walks away amendment empty handed. if you have any information call police. and an amazing rescue at a canadian ski voter when it was all caught on camera. 75 skiers were trapped in a gondola on sunday at the kicking horse mountain resort in british columbia after some sort of an electrical failure. rescuers had to strap guests into ha, eases and dangle them on a rope high above the ground to get them to safety. others had to be rescued by a helicopter from higher texts sections of that lift. >> victor: we're hearing from a car salesman in houston kidnapped and beaten during a test drive on monday. jose martinez nursing a bruised and blood face after he survived this violent attack. he says that a man came in, wanted to test drive a dodge challenger. martinez made a copy of his driver's license and they left
5:32 pm
then the suspect pulled the car over, hit martinez and stuffed h'm in the trunk. >> hit me. knocked me out. i got the trunk open. i jumped out. i started fighting. and then he had a gun. he dropped it. i picked it up and shot at him. >> victor: he is still hurting. police say another driver pulled and up loaded the injured suspect and another man into a car and drove away. martinez had his cell phone in the trunk and that's how cops tracked down that stolen car. martinez was found walking along the side of the road. officers had to take him to the hospital but so far police have not made any arrests. >> janine: five corrections officers are in the hospital after they were attacked by teenage inmates a rikers island in new york city. those ini.d.s mauts ever how does nigh new unit for uncontrollable inmates. it started with two of them attacking corrections officers yesterday evening.
5:33 pm
to control the situation, several other inmates joined in the melee. chemical spray had to be used and one guard had a hand slammed between a heavy gate. and have you heard about this? a man who looks like testify host mike rowe robbed a bank in oregon earlier this week. police in medford posted images of the man online. the form dirtiy jobs host hrd that he had a lookalike in the midwesd and he said on social media pointing out he is much taller than the suspect. rowe can say he can prove he wasn't in oregon if necessary. >> victor: we need to do a side by side. still ahead on local10 news the autopsy report of a man shot and killed buy a bso deputy. find why that man's family said it proofs the deputies were not telling the truth about the man's death. >> janine: also ahead, is this the future of television? we'll tell you about this
5:34 pm
bend and roll p like a magazine. >> victor: plus we know eating too much salt is bad for but what about bathing in it? >> janine: do you want to see something nice in look at this, everybody. this is winter in south florida, folks. it's a great view four mount sinai medical center camera. we're going to check in with betty davis to see how long it's going to last. >>&victor: also in breaking news from miami a truck is stuck in a sinkhole at the intersection of 71st street and northeast 4th court in northeast mild. that is an area to avoid this eveneng. as you see, water is spewing out. we're going to keep watching this one for you. there's a tow truck pulling in there p we're going to bring you
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call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting.
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>> v`ctor: external exposure to salt being praised for its potential health benefits from healing asthma. medical specialist kristi krueger are looking for at what some are calling a salt solution. >> kristi: from rooms wild fell with microparticles of airborne sodium to emerging tanks filled with magnesium sulfate, south floridians are soaking up salt.
5:38 pm
that relatively small tank, and so the water completely support your body weight. >> kristi: at the center for integrative medicine in aventura with salt therapy flotation tanks proud of both psychological and physical benefits. >> it helps. it helps alleviate all tension and it just relaxes your muscles million dollars of and afterwards it really feels amazing. >> kristi: at the same time ac purge chewer physician said floating gives the body a boost of magnesium, a vital mineral that many people don't get enough of. >> magnesium ions are, along with calcium are one of the main sources of the electrical signals by wch body communicates through the nerves system. >> salt is naturally antibacterial. >> kristi: at the salt suite in delray, 24,000 pounds of salt is finely ground and then blown into specici rooms.
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and fills the air in treatment called hallo therapy gas we breathe the salt it gets rid of the bacteria, works as a natural expect torrent means it wants to bring things out that shouldn't be inside and makes us healthier. any too many of a signs us, respiratory system and helping stay healthy. >> kristi: the 45 minutes sessions of improved his allergies, his skin and his sleep. >> there are days where i won't come, like i'll miss three or four days, got busy, didn't plan it right and i'll feel's difference. >> kristi: most clinical research into hallo therapy has been done outside the u.s. although had a study reported in the the new england journal of medicine found it did help lung nction in people with cy cystic fibrosis. it's been widely used of course to help us all relax. in the newsroom with your health
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>> victor: we want to get pack to that breaking news out of miami where we can tell you that truck that wastruck stuck in a sinkhole is now out. this theness intersection of 71st street and northeast 4thourt again in northeast mild. so the next step there's a water main break they have to kehl with. water is spewing out of ground. good news, the truck is out. the bad news still an active scene and that's absolutely an area to avoid if you have to drive around there point tonight. the truck has been towed out. that one man looks like he isstanding in knee-deep warrant. again we'll keep you posted. >> janine: a bizarre story from oregon where a woman has been arrested after police say she drove drunk, crashed her car and made up a story about a carjacking trying to cover it up. >> it's very bizarre. >> janine: case sne watched the entire scene unfold. >> she was very, very frantic and she got on the phone with
5:41 pm
gave her our address so she could call the cops. >> janine: she did. 31-year-old tara brandenburg said someone sold her suv with her baby and dog inside.e. it surns turns out it was right across the street from this gas station. >> she struck the bridge, disabling her car, pulled into the apartment complex behind us here, walked across the road and went into the gas station, used the restroom. >> janine: sergeant dave kempless believes after she hit this bridge right next to the gas station, she decided t make up a story. >> why would she make all this up? >> i think she just hit the bridge and panicked. >> janine: case stone works at the such 6 gas station brandenburg walk in. she said the mother bought a box of wine and then left. second later she walked back inside yelling that they are baby and car were gone. >> when the cops were talking to her she came back inside and
5:42 pm
chardonnet. while the cops were here and when she was convinced her baby was missing. >> she was very drunk, and people who are impaired make poor decisions, and she media a number of them this evening. both the baby and the dog were griffin to dad. he lives somewhere in oregon city. >> janine: spray police say she had a alcohol l vel three times over the legal plement her four-week-old son and dog are fine. >> betty: we do have tom changes to talk about for tomorrow. so let's just enjoy it while it lasts because we know things are going to be taking a little turn as we look ahead to the weekend. in the meantime miami, today was as it should be,ower 60s morning, mid-70s in the afternoon, a seasonable day. current temperature out at mia isch 75 degrees it. feels like 75, winds are calm.
5:43 pm
the evening, and by 10:00 tonight some of you will start to fall down into the upper 60s. that's do it going to be a possibility but tonight won't be quite as cool as last night. doppler radar nice and quiet. looks as no a few sprinkles want to develop over the everglades. otherwise mainly dry for the rest of each as we track this area of low pressure out over the atlanta waters. that one nothing we have to worry about but something the national hurricane center is keeping a watch on. it's an extra tropical low. in the meantime this little system in the gulf of mexico, that's going to get closer to usform tomorrow, and it will help ramp up the amount of moisture. so we're going to stand the chance for showers on friday. as we warm up on friday as well. and then ooh saturday we'll be you can tracking the next cold front. and ahead of that front winds from the south, warm weather, and the potential for a few showers.
5:44 pm
front through so that by sunday night we'll start to get cooler air riding in and our monday morning lows will be back into the lower 60s. so we do have more weather like today on the way but we're going to change it up for tomorrow and start to warm it p and introduce the chance for a shew few showers in the forecast. heading to the beach tomorrow the rip current risk high. the wind light from the south-southeast 10 miles an hour. light chop on the bays. we'll start the innate mid-60s. maybe you can do the boots one more day. but highs around 80 degrees. and then as we look ahead to saturday, lower 80s. tracking the next front for sunday, the one that brings our temperatures down into the lower 60s, by monday morning there may be some upper 50s inland. and then more comfort in our air on tuesday and seasonable for the first several days of the next work week. victor. >> victor: we love it.
5:45 pm
can roll up like a newspaper. lg unveiled this high def tv at this week's ces technology expo in las vegas. the end ya inch police say is one of the concept designs lg is working on as it attempts to predict the future of tv. >> janine: that's really amazing. it's kind of like your -- >> victor: pack it and up take me and janine with you anywhere. >> janine: i would be afraid to have one of those because i'm a little columnsy. i'd drop itike in my food or something. >> victor: a rough waugh to lose yo tv. >> janine: it's bad enough to lose the phone. the news is just getting started. here are some of our top stories coming up on local10 news at 6:00. we have exclusive new information about a deadly deputy involved shooting. find out were the why the victim's family said departments are not telling the truth. >> victor: a woman is in the hospital after she was attacked
5:46 pm
6. yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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>> janine: have 35 wind veterans on are a mission to raise awareness. >> victor: today they biked from miami beach to spread the word. >> eric: the physical significant. the emotional challenge of getting on the bike, having the cushing just as big. they started at miami beach, went across the macarthur and then to marlins park where the were welcomed by the satire office.
5:48 pm
with the trauma off combat, of the injuries that they sustained not only wounds to just their bodies but their minds as well. the physical challenges of riding significant. the emotional challenges, though, for some of them just as tough to overcome. riding with the wind warriors in south florida saved some of these guys. >> a year ago i was a -- i will tell you, you know, suicide actually crossed my mind more than once, and today i think that i'm a better person, i'm a better person, i'm a better father. >> the pain, nothing can kill the but with the goodness and the camaraderie here, it helps with the pn. >> eric: the indiana warriors do 30 rides. the first one they did in south florida. they say the success and the welcome they've experiendes here certainly inspired them to do many more and they will ride throughout the weekend, 27 miles on friday and another several miles on sunday as they make their way all the way down to
5:49 pm
at marlins park i'm eric yutzy. >> janine: what a ride. >> victor: find a way to get on the bike. that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:30. >> janine: calvin and laurie are back with the news at 6:00. >> calvin: we continue follong breaking news. a truck getting stuck in a sinkhole. the neighborhood is an absolute mess. >> laurie: only on 10, autopsy released off a shooting death of jermaine mcbean. why his family say it proves deputies are lying. >> calvin: missing child found today. the all out search that led had to his recovery. >> laurie: and the terrifying dog attack that led a couple hospitalized and their beloved pet dead. plus, will it reach $1 billion? local10 the only place to wch the powerball drawing. the news at 6:00 starts right now. 6 c we begin with brehing news we're following in miami where a broken water main has caused g trouble for the driver this truck.
5:50 pm
shore just arrived at the scene. >> d dek: calvin, i'm immediately going to step out of the way so you can see this scene. the truck has been removed there that manhole. here in northeast 71st street and -- [ not audible ] that tck had apparently stuck for nearly two hours. those in the area tell me they heard a huge boom around 3:30 or so, immediately noticed water spewing into the street. traffic still i had-seeded take their expansions through the water but a page a manhole cover came of off when that water maun broke and that truck got stuck. veeptually a heavy duty wreck was able to get that truck out. now the water is filling up the block all around here including one auto shop, and the owner says thousands of dollars of
5:51 pm
>> we heard boom.
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